Woman Celebrates 70th Wedding Anniversary With Sister’s Prom Date

Shirley Peasley is the woman who believed her sister would never forgive her, after a simple prom night went shockingly wrong.

Way back in the 1950s, Shirley Peasley’s younger sister Kay was getting ready for the night of her life. She had scored a date with her high school’s heartthrob, Harold, and he was taking her to the prom! Peasley couldn’t have been more excited for her sister and she helped her primp up for her date, but then, the door bell rang too soon.

She Said Her Sister “Should Have Been Ready”

Peasley quickly rushed downstairs to stall her sister’s date, but fate had other plans.

In a delightful rom-com twist, Shirley and Harold couldn’t stop bantering back and forth. Their spark was undeniable. By the time Kay came downstairs, Shirley pulled her aside and confessed she felt a magnetic connection with Harold. She didn’t want to play games or try to go behind her beloved sister’s back, so she addressed her feelings about him head on. She asked for her permission to “steal” her date.

Even though it was early days for Shirley and Harold (less than a few hours), without hesitating, her younger sister Kay sweetly acquiesced to her sister’s wishes, opting out of their date — she didn’t want to go out with a boy who had eyes for another girl — especially if that girl was her older sister.

“She should have been ready when he showed up. She was taking too long getting ready!”
Shirley Peasley, PEOPLE

Looking back, Shirley Peasley playfully poked fun at the situation. WHILE she had never intended to to steal her sister’s date — she couldn’t deny that Harold had charisma. “I thought he was handsome and I knew he was popular in school with sports and everything,” Shirley explained. “So of course I wanted to date him.”

With a mischievous grin and unapologetic charm, Shirley recounted how her bold move paved the way for a lifetime of love and laughter with Harold — oh, and did we forget to mention?

The couple just celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary!

Their 70 Year Secret Revealed


Harold and Shirley Peasley may have fallen in love in an “unconventional” way, but 70 years later, their fire is still burning and it may just prove the best way to fall in love, is your own way.

“He waits on me hand and foot. If I tell him I’m gonna go get the clothes out of the dryer, he’s out there and got them out before I can do it. He takes good care of me.”
Shirley Peasley, PEOPLE

Their secret to staying in love? It’s simple; according to Harold, they “do everything together,” finding joy in each moment shared. Despite the passing years, their bond remains as strong as ever, a testament to the power of love and companionship.

As they celebrate their remarkable 70th wedding anniversary, Harold and Shirley serve as a shining example of love’s ability to endure and flourish, no matter the odds.

They Didn’t Even Tell Their Kids How They Met!

No one gives Shirley and Harold a tough time about how they met — after all, they were only 15 years old at the time of the “crime.”

In fact, the couple were so in love, they wed just three short years later as soon as Shirley was of age. Now, Harold and Shirley Peasley share children, Mike, 69, John, 62, Kim, 58, Kris, 55, and their “unofficial” adopted son, Greg Rushton, 60, who grew up near the Peasleys. But their five kids never knew exactly how it all went down — until a surprising revelation on a family cruise vacation about 20 years ago, during their 50th wedding anniversary celebration.

During a “Love and Marriage” event hosted onboard the ship, the couple was selected to participate in the game where their endearing love story took center stage. The host asked Shirley and Harold exactly how they met — which is when they revealed the entire story without mincing any details!

The host went on to make the questions even spicier when he asked the couple what was the most unexpected place they had ever made love. That’s when their grandchildren hilariously piped up exclaiming, “We do not need to know that!”

Their Spark Lights Up Every Room They’re In

Unlike lots of couples who marry “too young,” these long time love birds couldn’t have gotten married soon enough. Over 73 years together and the couple still feels like they’re living in a fairytale…and the trickle down effect is no joke.

“Growing up, my life was like a fairytale,” daughter Kris Flanders tells PEOPLE. “We were camping, we were boating. They were just amazing parents. I hang out with my parents now because they are so much fun.”

Love really is infectious. The Peasleys still keep it playful after all the years and it’s the most important reminder that while love is patient and love is kind — it also can be fun too. Even in their late 80’s, Shirley and Harold Peasley still bring out the 15-year-old spirit in one another, and it’s beautiful.

Love Is More Than Just Grand Gestures

In the end, it’s not just about the stolen moments or the grand celebrations — it’s about the everyday gestures, the quiet conversations, and the unwavering support that define their love story.

Harold and Shirley Peasley remind us that love knows no bounds and that, sometimes, it’s the unexpected twists that lead to the greatest love stories of all.

Perhaps the real secret is looking at everyday as a new adventure with the one you love — whether you’re sailing the seven seas or just picking up a salmon filet from your local supermarket!

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