Periodontitis is a chronic infectious disease. With its incidence as high as 47%–68.97%, studies show that this is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. Periodontitis affects function, oral health, and aesthetics and has severe relations to endocrine disturbance, e.g., diabetes mellitus, obesity, osteoporosis, and some cardiovascular disease.
Aggressive periodontitis is characterized by early-onset familial aggregation and severe periodontal destruction. The rates of cardiovascular diseases and endocrine diseases are increasing among young people. This calls for exploring the etiology of aggressive periodontitis and sequentially controls periodontal inflammation that may be contributing to preventing these diseases and maintaining homeostasis.
Vitamin D-binding protein, known as GC-globulin, is a member of an albumin gene family, together with serum albumin and alpha-fetoprotein. It plays a significantly important role in the transport and metabolism of vitamin D. Studies believe that DBP level was significantly elevated in the plasma of patients suffering from generalized aggressive periodontitis than that in healthy controls.
This shows that DBP is closely associated with generalized aggressive periodontitis.
Some more studies on aggressive periodontitis pay more attention to single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) as the disease has significant familial aggregation. This indicates that genetic predisposition may be an important etiological factor of aggressive periodontitis. DBP is encoded by the GC gene, located on chromosome 4 (4q11–q13) and coded by 1690 nucleotides.
Infectious periodontal tissues have powerful and multiple influences on the occurrence and severity of systemic diseases and abnormal status. Recent researches report that periodontitis is associated with diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, obesity, osteoporosis, respiratory diseases, and pregnancy complications. In patients with severe periodontitis, periodontal treatment helps control these diseases. Uncontrolled periodontitis has impacts on quality of life and can overburden the entire healthcare system. Thus, it’s time to pay more attention to periodontal health.
Though the incidence rate of aggressive periodontitis is very low, some surveys reported the incidence rate of aggressive periodontitis is 0.12%–0.47%. The incidences in different areas and races are different, which may be influenced by ethnic differences in gene polymorphisms.
Some other studies have investigated the importance of genetic polymorphisms in aggressive periodontitis. There are merely a few studies that examine the association between the GC gene and periodontitis.
Aggressive periodontitis is a polygenic disorder, and interactions among lots of gene loci cause the genetic predisposition of such a disease. This means haplotypes can be found to be more effective in predicting infections. A haplotype is a group of genes that tend to travel through generations as a block, and its existence is based on LD. The haplotype analysis found that haplotype GC is associated with a lower risk for generalized aggressive periodontitis.
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