Man Steps Up to Help Family When Ex-wife Is Diagnosed With Cancer

When couples get divorced, most exes shut the door, lock it, and throw away the key. It’s not just the end of a chapter, it’s the end of the whole dang book.

But for Megan Tai’s parents, divorce, as it turns out, wasn’t the end of their story.

Nearly THREE DECADES later, her dad walked back into her mom’s life after she was diagnosed with Stage 4 endometrial cancer.

He didn’t just show up. He stayed; honoring old love, loyalty, and vows at a time when she needed it the most.

A Cancer Diagnosis Brings Love Back Around

Megan’s parents met more than 30 years ago in California. Her father, originally from Hawaii, was stationed there during his time in the military.

They fell in love and had two children, Megan and her older brother. Shortly after Megan’s birth, the couple separated. Her dad returned to Hawaii and her mom became a single parent, raising the kids on her elementary school teacher salary.

For more than 20 years, they lived completely separate lives. And then came a devastating cancer diagnosis.

“Fast forward 20+ years later to my mother’s diagnosis – my father was one of the first people by her side when she was released from the hospital.”
Megan Tai via GoFundMe

Megan, who works full-time in domestic violence services and is also a graduate student studying Marriage and Family Therapy, moved back in with her mom to help.

Overwhelmed with trying to take care of her mom alongside keeping up with her work AND school, Megan was struggling.

So, her dad stepped up. In an incredible act of love, he left his life in Hawaii, hopped a flight back to California and moved in.

TikTok Video Goes Viral

In a gutwrenching TikTok clip, Megan shares snippets of her parents battling cancer…together.

It may only be 20-seconds long, but boy, it packs a punch. She captions it:

“POV: Ur parents have been divorced for 20+ years and ur dad’s still the first one there when your mom gets diagnosed w Stage 4 cancer.”

In the video, Megan’s dad lovingly helps his ex with her exercises, spots her going up the stairs, and keeps her company, reading with her and playing video games.

Take a look:

According to Megan’s GoFundMe, this is the first time in her 27 years that she’s seen her parents live together under one roof.

“He did everything – helped her exercise (even when she felt like she couldn’t), cooked her meals, took her out on drives, picked up her medications, and so much more,” Megan writes. “They talked for hours. They bickered like they were still married. They laughed.”

“They helped me see them as they were when they were younger.”
Megan Tai

And in doing so, not only did they work on healing her mom, but it also helped to heal a lot of childhood trauma for their daughter.

Reaction to the Video

So far, the video has garnered a staggering 8.1 MILLION views in just one week. Because…LOVE. And while they may not be IN love with each other, it’s clear that despite everything, love remains.

And it turns out, these exes aren’t the only ones to honor a life and love they once shared. A number of people came forth to share their own stories.

“My parents divorced 30 years ago and when my mom was on her death bed, my dad came to visit her often with goodies and they told each other they loved each other,” wrote Hi_Dee Aye.

MVP10210 commented, “My father held her hand when she passed. They were so close. Divorced 25 yrs by that point. Never saw my father cry ever until that woman died.”

“Parents divorced 20+ years too. Dad was hospitalized 2 weeks, my mom insisted he come stay with her after he was released so he wasn’t alone during recovery. It really is beautiful,” said Lon.

“I took care of my ex-husband during hospice. I loved the life and children he gave me. I owed it to him,” shared Brenda Carmichael Da.

Enduring Bond of Family

Sometimes people just don’t fit as a couple and marriages end. But as Megan’s parents prove, that doesn’t mean that the love just ends with it.

No matter how their marriage ended, at some point in their lives, Megan’s parents obviously loved each other very much — and that love still counts for something. Even 20-plus years later.

As one commenter so aptly put it, “Love has so many forms. This one is pretty freaking great.”

And it’s a powerful testament to the enduring nature of love and the lasting impact it can have.

Ultimately, Megan’s parents’ story serves as a poignant reminder that while marriages may end, the unbreakable bond of family always remains.

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