How to Safely Buy Wigs Online: A Black Women’s Guide

A recent viral video of a young woman who ordered a quick-fix wig online contracted a viral skin disorder (Molluscum Contagiosum) —[see the original story here]. This skin infection causes bumps and can spread all over the body. And the condition can be contagious. This story highlights the importance of safe online wig shopping.

While the wig market booms (projected at $15.27 billion by 2034, according to, prioritizing health remains critical.
Wigs offer endless possibilities for self-expression and convenience. However, some online sellers prioritize affordability over quality. This can lead to wigs with unknown materials, poor sanitation, and potential scalp irritation to cause infection.
 An Informed Shopping for Healthy Hair

Beware Bargains: Good wigs require quality materials. Super-cheap wigs, often made from synthetic materials, can irritate, tangle, and look cheap.
Question Reviews: Glowing reviews in broken English raise red flags. Seek detailed reviews with pictures from verified buyers mentioning hair texture, cap construction, and wearability for textured hair like ours.
See Clearly to Buy Wisely: Blurry photos hide imperfections. Reputable sellers showcase high-resolution images from various angles for examining wig construction and texture. Don’t hesitate to zoom in.
Know Your Material, Know Your Care: A good description details the wig material (human hair, synthetic blend) and cap construction (lace front, full lace). Most importantly, look for care instructions. Proper washing extends lifespan and keeps your scalp healthy.
Look For The Return Policy: It Is Your Safety Net: Sometimes things go wrong. Ensure a clear return policy if the wig doesn’t work out. A good return policy signals confidence in their product and customer satisfaction.

Prioritizing Wellness Beyond Beauty

Research Beyond the Seller’s Facade: Don’t just focus on the wig; research the seller’s reputation. Look for reviews on independent platforms or social media to get a well-rounded picture of their customer service, product quality, and overall experience.
Search for Customer Photos and Videos: Want to see the wig styled on Black women? Search for customer photos and videos using the wig’s name or brand. This reveals how the wig performs in different lighting and styling scenarios.
Embrace Customization: Some sellers offer customization options like adjusting the length, pre-plucking the hairline for a natural look, or adding color.
Don’t Be Shy, Ask Away! Reputable sellers are happy to answer your questions. From sizing to care instructions, don’t hesitate to contact their customer service.
Invest Wisely for Style & Health While a licensed hairstylist specializing in wigs might be safest, these tips empower informed online wig purchases. Invest in your confidence, health, and style by becoming a savvy online wig shopper.

Bonus Tip: Look for Black-owned wig companies like that cater to Black hair textures and needs. They often understand the importance of quality materials and prioritize healthy hair journeys.
 Additional Resources
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Writer: Erin H. Maybin is a licensed Cosmetologist in NY, PA & CA, Educator, Advocate, and influential member of the NYS Appearance Enhancement Advisory Committee. As EVP of Education Development and co-founder of the Natural Hairstyle & Braid Coalition, Erin spearheads the transformation of textured hair education in both private and public sectors.
Her groundbreaking initiative, Hair S.T.E.A.M. LAB™, is an education platform that explores the science and artistry of hair using steam.
Erin is also the co-author of Laid to the Side: Disrupting the Silence of Black Girls Hair Stories in School.
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