How Patterson Helped Drs. Monica and John Shook Open a Dream Practice

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If you want to understand the power of equipment and technology backed by Patterson’s expertise and support, look no further than Shook Family Dental in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Newly out of dental school, married and starting their careers, the Shooks (Dr. Monica and Dr. John) dreamed of opening a family practice. “Our goal was to provide a different caliber of care to the area with all the latest and greatest technology … in a fresh environment that’s family centered and compassionate,” says Dr. Monica.

They realized that dream in 2021 when they opened Shook Family Dental.  

Partnering with Patterson to Reach Their Goals

Dr. Monica says it was a “no-brainer” to work with Patterson on their equipment and technology needs. “They have a wealth of knowledge. They know what works and became mentors to us. Our communication was great from day one.”

A Patterson territory representative worked with the Shooks to evaluate their goals and connect them to other Patterson experts for support. The Shooks wanted to invest in high-end, sophisticated equipment right away and worked with a Patterson equipment specialist and a CAD/CAM specialist on making investments for the long run. “We didn’t want equipment that we’d have to replace quickly,” says Dr. John.

In the end, they invested in CAD/CAM, cone beam and 3D printing along with operatory chairs and cabinetry. The CAD/CAM specialist met with them to discuss their technology goals, identify specific brands to explore, and help them decide what to purchase. Patterson offered web-based and in-office demonstrations on the technology, and brought the Shooks in for a full day of hands-on CAD/CAM training.

“It’s the benefit to getting all this fun fancy technology,” Dr. John says. “They want you to be able to use it, so they help you.”

Powering Growth and Performance with Equipment and Technology

Equipment and technology work together to boost profitability and enhance the patient experience, and the Shooks’ investments have supported their success.

Within three months of opening, they had to order two more rooms of equipment to keep up with their rapidly expanding patient base. They grew so fast that they could not wait for the equipment they ordered in December 2021 to arrive, so the Patterson team worked to ensure the Shooks got what they needed more quickly.

The Shooks also quickly saw the benefits of CAD/CAM. Their practice is saving on lab costs by designing and milling in house, says Dr. Monica, and patients love single-visit dentistry. “They can come in and leave with their same-day crown ‒ no two-week wait, no temporary crown falling off.”

With intraoral scanning and cone beam, they can wow patients. “I can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard, ‘Wow, I’ve never seen my teeth like that,’” said Dr. John. “I think it is very powerful to show them how much we value our technology.”

Dr. Monica credits the Patterson team with helping them achieve their dream, adding:

“They led us by the hand, and set us up with all the best equipment.”

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Adapted from the Winter 2023 issue of Advantage by Patterson Dental.

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