Have the Right PEO (Professional Employee Organization) Hand the Ball to YOU

posted: Jan. 05, 2024.

Former Running Back at the U. of Miami Brett Masters, “Takes YOUR Company to the House”… 27 Year VET- PEO (Professional Employee Organization…the Service that Tackles Employee Risk, Costs, and NON Revenue Activities) Gets a handoff from this Iconic QB Room: #18 Vinnie Testaverde, #12 Jim Kelly, Coach Earl Morrall, #9 Mark Richt, #1 Bernie Kosar

reprint from the Healthy Referral Newspaper
Focus on the Revenue Activities of Your Business and 
Stop Wasting Time and Cut Risk of Managing Your Staff
Through employee leasing, we assume your employee related responsibilities and risks SUCH as workers’ compensation, unemployment, payroll and payroll taxes under what is called a co-employment agreement. 

•The National Labor Relations Act                                        •Title VII of the Civil Rights Act 
•Fair Labor Standards Act                                                      
•Pregnancy Discriminations Act                                                         
•The Worker Adjustment & Retraining
•Immigration Reform & Control Act (IRCA)
•Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPPA) •Wage & Hour Law
•Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Laws
•Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
•Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)    
•Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act  

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—————————————————————————————————————————Gary Player Golf Superstar Optimist and Healthseeker
Born to a miner in South Africa in 1935, this little boy lost his mother at 9. When he arrived home, the house would be dark, and he had to care for himself. It was a lonely childhood, but he had love from the rest of his family. As he grew, he became interested in Sports since children of that generation played, ran, sang, and spent most of their waking hours outdoors when not at school. He found his way to the greens and discovered an innate ability to take a small white ball and hit it into an obscure hole a long distance away.
Gary Player was well on his way to becoming the world’s top golf expert. He has won more tournaments than anyone in history. If you put Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, and Jack Nicholas together, he won more than all of them combined.
               Nearing 90, Gary thinks/acts and personifies a man decades younger. His clear eyes and kindness welcome you as if you were a longtime friend, even though he lost his wife after 72 years of marriage. When asked if he misses her, he immediately states, “I always think about the great gift I had of being married to somebody that I love so much, for so long.”
               Although his wife and family had come to Hippocrates in years past, Gary, with his busy schedule that keeps him on the road throughout the year, has only made time to visit with one of his children, who flew up from South Africa to be with him. He arrived shortly after falling off a horse while filming in his home country.
               Most 20-year-olds would have difficulty recovering from this, but he bounced back within 4 days, was in the gym, and exercised like a 20-year-old. His joyous enthusiasm for life is contagious, and when questioning him about his lifestyle, he said, “I never drank alcohol, never smoked cigarettes, never ate processed foods, and I have been mostly plant-based throughout my entire life. 
               This is not just good luck; it takes focus and commitment for somebody surrounded by the county club set who prides themselves on cocktails and steak. Gary is an exemplary example of what we can achieve when we take charge of our lives. He states, “We make everything happen, or not, and then have a choice to either valler in our happiness and success or complain about the failures we brought upon ourselves.” 
               The father of 6 and the grandfather of 22, who pops back and forth from South Africa to his home here in Florida, more like a tennis ball than a person, has much to live for. His success has brought him economic fortunes that he shares with charities worldwide.
               One of the favorites that he talks about is the school that he partly funded in South Africa. He said how delightful it is to see a school that offers and promotes exercise, a healthy diet, and discipline. In his view, America, the country he adopted and loves deeply, has taken the wrong turn. It has cut exercise out of school and doesn’t even address the horrible dietary patterns creating obesity among our children and disease among our population.
               Gary Player is a spokesman for rational ‘common sense’ thinking, and sadly, he is rare in this world of deception and high-speed insanity. When Gary spent time here on the Hippocrates Wellness Campus, he stated, “This finally brought me back down to the basics, and I realized how incredibly important maintaining my wellbeing is psychologically, physically, and spiritually.”
               When he addressed his fellow students here on Campus, he often stated that there is nothing you can not accomplish once you are willing and ready to submit yourself at the level required to become completely well and happy beyond your wildest imagination.  Article courtesy of Hippocrates Wellness, W. Palm FL


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