Delivery Units: Choose Based on Comfort, Efficiency

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Article courtesy of A-dec and Dental Product Shopper.
Aside from quality patient care, one of the most critical aspects of a dental procedure both for dental professionals and patients is comfort, which is dictated in large part by equipment such as the delivery unit. Selecting the delivery unit style most appropriate for your practice can truly make a difference in ergonomics as well as efficiency.
When considering the purchase of a delivery unit, dental practitioners need to choose a design that is most comfortable for both clinician and patient while maintaining excellent ergonomics and efficiency. That’s why A-dec has a wide range of delivery systems to choose from, including Continental and traditional units.
Optimal Access with Traditional Delivery

Freedom of movement is a key factor in the traditional design. Patients find this type of delivery unit easy to enter, with the ability to access the toe of the chair from either side depending on the position of the arm. “The traditional unit is small in size and easy to manipulate or align near or over the chair,” shared Dr. Andrew Mogelof, a dentist practicing in Stratford, CT, who has been using A-dec’s traditional systems for 37 years. “It also looks lightweight, so it does not give the patient any claustrophobic feelings.”
The traditional design mounts the delivery unit arm from underneath the patient chair, enabling maximum flexibility for handpiece positioning for both left- and right-handed operators. Dr. Mogelof noted that the traditional unit will swivel easily to suit the operator. “Since I am left-handed and over 60% of dentists are right-handed, the ability to move the unit to the opposite side is very important,” he said. With the traditional delivery system, “the control head can be rearranged quickly and easily according to operator preference,” which increases clinical efficiency, according to Dr. Mogelof. The A-dec 300 and A-dec 500 delivery systems accommodate a range of fully integrated clinical devices from electric motors and ultrasonic scalers to the latest intraoral cameras.
The Freedom of Continental® Delivery

The A-dec Continental delivery system places handpieces on top of the control head and features flexible whip arms to guide the tubing. This design allows for optimal clinician ergonomics as it takes the strain of the handpieces off the dentists’ wrists and eliminates unnecessary bending, twisting, and eye strain. Prior to integrating the Continental delivery system into his practice in Gainesville, GA, Dr. Lance Huthwaite was skeptical because he had only worked with traditional delivery units. However, once he began using A-dec’s Radius system in a Continental design, he said, “The convenience of not having any hoses in the way was game changing.”
“The Continental delivery system improves my workflow efficiency by keeping my handpieces easily accessible, yet conveniently out of the way of any burs, instruments, or materials I may be working with on my tray,” Dr. Huthwaite commented. With the whip arms, “I find that the retraction of my handpieces greatly reduces chance of injury from contacting a bur in a handpiece while I am reaching for something on my tray.”
“Ultimately, the most important factor in choosing a Continental delivery system is quality of construction,” Dr. Huthwaite told DPS. “Moving arms have springs and other parts that are subject to wear and tear and require periodic servicing or replacement. A top-notch product like A-dec’s Radius chair reduces the frequency with which you may need to address issues such as these.”
Other Considerations
Beyond the basic format of the delivery system, consider these points: • Is the control head easy to level, and does it have multiple pivot points?• Are handpiece adjustments easy to locate?• Is the hosing lightweight and flexible?• Can a fiber-optic handpiece be placed on a non-fiber-optic handpiece tubing?• What functions can be operated from the touchpad?• Can the delivery be converted for right- or left-handed operators? • Does the delivery system accommodate technology integration?
An Easy Choice, Every Time
“As far as I am concerned, A-dec is still my choice for delivery units because they are well thought out, well made, and are well supported in the industry,” Dr. Mogelof said. “If I had to refit my office, which has 7 rooms, I would buy A-dec again.”

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