Collagen Peptide Supplementation and Enhanced Sleep Quality

A new study is the first to demonstrate that glycine-rich collagen peptides supplementation could be a game-changer for reducing sleep disturbances in athletic males. This exciting finding opens the door to the possibility of using collagen peptides as a friendly, non-pharmacological approach to boost the quality of sleep not just for athletes but also for other groups facing sleep challenges.

Collagen is a vital protein in the human body. It is a major component of connective tissues, skin, hair, nails, and joints. Joint, skin, hair, nail, gut, and bone health are all common reasons why people choose to supplement with collagen peptides. However, a new study published in European Journal of Nutrition has shed light on another reason – the potential benefits of glycine-rich collagen peptides in improving sleep quality among physically active men with self-reported sleep complaints. (1)

The study, conducted with a randomized, crossover design, involved 13 athletic males aged on average 24 years, with a training volume averaging 7 hours per week and sleep complaints (Athens Insomnia Scale, 9 ± 2).

Over the course of 7 nights, participants consumed either a glycine-rich collagen peptides supplement (15 g per day) or a placebo control (CON) 1 hour before bedtime. This was followed by a 7-day washout period, and another 7 days of the opposite intervention.
Participants were instructed to adhere to their same sleep, exercise, and diet routines throughout the trial. Sleep quality was meticulously assessed using subjective sleep diaries, actigraphy, and polysomnographic sleep on night 7.

core temperature
and endocrine function were measured on night 7 and the following morning.

Subjective sleepiness and fatigue were also evaluated throughout the study period.
The Results of the Study
The results of the study revealed significant findings in favor of the glycine-rich collagen peptides supplementation.

Polysomnography demonstrated a reduction in awakenings with collagen peptides compared to the control group.
The 7-day average for subjective awakenings also showed a notable decrease with collagen peptides compared to the control group.
Furthermore, cognitive function was enhanced in the collagen peptide group, as indicated by a higher proportion of correct responses on the baseline Stroop cognitive test the morning after night 7.

Notably, there were no significant differences in core temperature, endocrine function, inflammation, subjective sleepiness, fatigue, sleep quality, or other measures of cognitive function or sleep between the two groups.
In conclusion, while glycine-rich collagen peptides supplementation did not affect sleep quantity, latency, or efficiency, it exhibited a remarkable reduction in awakenings and an improvement in cognitive function among physically active males with sleep complaints.
These findings suggest a potential avenue for addressing sleep-related issues in this demographic through targeted nutritional interventions.


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