Best Food for having Healthy Teeth

Health is directly related to what we eat and drink and your Oral cavity (Teeth and Gums) is the first point of contact to your Food. So keeping your Teeth healthy is vital for keeping your Body healthy. So let us look at the Food which help in keeping your Teeth Healthy, the best foods and the essential nutrients to have healthy teeth. Along with knowing the Foods which are healthy to your teeth it is essential to know what food items are not healthy for your teeth and can damage your teeth. It is called as Dental Nutrition which is recognizing what is good and what is not for your Teeth and overall Oral Health.
Let us look at the Nutrients which are essential for having Healthy teeth, this will help us in determining which food to take. The basic essential nutrients needed for Healthy teeth are – Calcium, Vitamin D, Phosphorus and Vitamin  and the most important is to be hydrated – Water.
Calcium: It is very important in maintaining healthy teeth and Bones to keep the basic structure of Teeth and Bone healthy. The main Sources of Calcium in Plants will be Almonds, Leafy vegetables, Ragi, Soya, boiled chickpeas, Moringa powder, Chia seeds, etc. When coming to Animal based or dairy products it is Milk, Cheese and Yogurt.
Vitamin C: This is very useful for having healthy gums and they are available in Oranges (citrus fruits), Strawberries, sweet potatoes, broccoli, berries, kale, etc. Vitamin C is very essential for your Teeth and also for your gums by keeping the connective tissues healthy. It has also been reported that it reduces tooth wear in deciduous teeth.

Vitamin D: Deficiency of Vitamin D has been linked to health disorders along with leading to Oral conditions as it plays a vital role in mineralization of bone and tooth. Vitamin D Deficiency in children has been linked to detin and Enamel defects which can lead to increased caries prevalence. In adults Deficiency of Vit D has been linked to increased Gingival and Periodontal inflammation. Vit D is known as a Steroid hormone which is known to be obtained from exposure to Sunlight.
Foods which are known to contain Vit D are very less and can be found in Fish Oil (cod liver oil) and fish.
Phosphorus: This is a very Essential Vitamin as well which helps the body absorb calcium helping teeth become strong. About 85% of the phosphorus in the body is in the bones and teeth, it helps to create hydroxyapatite with the help of Calcium which is the main component of bones and tooth enamel. Phosphorus is seen in DNA as well. Phosphorus is found in meat, milk, Fish, Eggs, whole grains and protein rich foods.
Vitamin A: It is essential in saliva production along with development and maintenance of Oral mucosal tissue and also good for your Skin and Eyes. Saliva is the first point of contact of food which breakdowns the food and helps in destroying any bacteria. Vitamin A deficiency will lead to enamel hypoplasia, periodontitis along with impaired tooth formation. Due to its Anti Oxidant properties it helps in lowering the progression of gum disease. Vit A is seen in Fruits, Carrots, sweet potatoes, fish, egg yolks etc.
Most Vitamins and Nutrients are found in our regular food intakes apart from Vit D so it is important to make sure all kinds of Food are taken by kids and adults to maintain good Oral Hygiene and Strong Teeth.
Which Food Items are Good for Healthy Teeth:
Fiber rich food like Vegetables, Fruits act as natural tooth brush in cleaning teeth leading to removal of plaque, increased chewing of such food items will help in increase saliva production and also strengthens Jaw muscles. Nuts and Seeds contain good amount of nutrients also having less Sugar content. Cheese is also a good in calcium and helps in remineralization and protects against acids. Green Tea and Black Tea are known to reduce the risk of gum disease and cavities.


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