Barber Lets Exhausted Man Getting a Haircut Sleep for 3 Hours

Life is hectic and it isn’t often that we get a chance to just put up our feet, sit back, and relax.

So, it’s not uncommon for people to doze off for a moment or two in the barber chair. What is uncommon is for that doze to last THREE HOURS.

After his client fell asleep in his chair, a sympathetic hairstylist waited patiently for him to wake up. Three hours and 38 missed calls later, he finally did.

Exhausted Worker Falls Asleep in Barber’s Chair

It was around 3 o’clock in the afternoon when Billy walked into Barber Industries, a barbershop in a shopping mall in Newcastle, Australia. Fresh off his shift at work, he was still wearing his hi-vis shirt and work boots.

A regular at the shop, Billy often pops in for a haircut and a beard trim.

He wasn’t long in the chair before he started to nod off.

“He sat down then mid-conversation he just started to fall asleep,” barber Jordan Magasiva told Yahoo News.

While an exhausted Billy took the chance to catch up on some much-needed ZZZZZs, Jordan took the opportunity to catch him in “action.”

TikTok of Sleeping Client Goes Viral

In a hilarious video posted to TikTok, Jordan captures Billy, his head thrown back and his mouth wide open, as time stamps flash across the scene. As time marches on, various customers come and go. Everyone that is, except Billy.

Jordan captions the clip:

“My boy Billy slept during his haircut but we know he’s no joker when it comes to hard yakka (work) hence why we let him sleep because we know how hectic work/life gets.” 

And by “sleep” he means borderline comatose. The guy literally does not move for almost three hours.

At the 3:45 mark, the stylists seem to have resigned themselves to the fact that Billy is in it for the long haul. Someone covers his eyes with a towel. At 4:32, Jordan jokingly checks to see if Billy’s still breathing (he is).

Finally, three hours after succumbing to his fatigue, and with the mall already closed, Billy wakes up from his beauty rest smiling and no doubt feeling pretty good. (That is until he checks his phone and discovers he has 38 missed calls. Oops.)

At 5:45 pm he waves a sheepish goodbye and presumably heads home.

Reaction to the Viral Video

Apparently, Jordan isn’t the only one amused by Billy’s power nap. The video has garnered a staggering 14 million views since he posted it a week ago.

And while the footage is hilarious, Jordan wants people to know that he has the utmost respect for his client and he posted the video as a tribute to all the hardworking men and women hustling to make ends meet.

“Shoutout to all the hardworking men & women doing what they have to do to make ends meet, we must support each other on this journey, dont forget to rest and reset as we only get to enjoy this ride once, cheers guys,” Jordan wrote in the caption.

His simple act of kindness hasn’t gone unnoticed. Over 9700 people took to the comments to praise Jordan and his staff for letting a sleeping Billy lie.

“Better he falls asleep in the chair then behind the wheel at a light. Cool to allow him to get some much needed rest before leaving,” wrote one.

“This poor guy, reminds of my dad. Hard worker, falls asleep when gets to relax. Thank you for letting him rest,” commented another.

“I know that feeling trying to get a cut after leaving the job site. Damn near impossible to keep your eyes open,” said a third.

“Probably a shift worker! These day naps are much needed, legend for letting him get it in,” another wrote.

The Importance of Rest

What makes this video so relatable is that we’ve all been there. For most of us, life is crazy and busy and sometimes, bone-numbingly exhausting. Between work, family, household responsibilities, and paying bills, there’s little time for rest.

So when you can take a moment to just sit and breathe, it’s a welcome respite from running the never-ending rat race.

The fact that Jordan and his staff could honor that time for Billy and put compassion and understanding above productivity, is admirable.

It’s also a good reminder that the next time you see someone sneaking in a bit of shut-eye, let them rest. Chances are, they need it.

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