5 Signs Of Hair Loss You Should Know

Hair loss can affect the scalp or even the entire body. The underlying causes behind hair loss may be heredity disorders, hormonal abnormalities, medical problems or side effects of medication. Hair loss is medically known as Alopecia results in baldness resulting from excessive hair loss from the scalp. Anybody can be affected by hair loss, but the problem is more common among males. 

Men and women lose at least 100 hairs per day. Although it seems to be scary, it is absolutely something normal. The human head has an approximate 100,000 hairs, and the physiology of hairs is continuously changing. Hairs are growing, shedding, re-growing or are in resting phase on a cyclic basis. The problem starts when you have an unexpected hair loss, having visible scalp, feeling the extreme thinning of hairs and a change in texture. It is important to be alert about your hair health because early recognition of such symptoms can prevent you from permanent hair loss. An early diagnosis can help cure the problem effectively. 

Risk factors:

Various risk factors can increase hair loss. 

Average growth and falling pattern of Hair loss

Hair follicle growth is a cyclic process. Each cyclic phase consists of three phases. 

A long growing phase, which lasts for a few years named as Anagen
A short transitional phase called as Catagen
A third resting phase is called Telogen

At the end of the cyclic phase, the old hairs fall, and regrowth of new hairs occur from the follicles restarting the cycle. 

Signs you are suffering from hair loss

Like other signs of ageing. Male pattern baldness is not an overnight happening phenomenon. In most of the people, baldness is quite slow and can take a few years to several decades. 

One of the necessary steps which can reduce hair loss is noticing the early signs of alopecia. Indeed, you can control or at least take precautionary measures to protect your hairs from falling too early. 

Well, it is not easy to identify the hair loss. Most of the signs are so common that it’s almost impossible to differentiate from the average hair loss. But still, you must be a bit conscious and aware of your hair health if you have a family history of baldness. 

Listed below is a list of signs that are alarming regarding hair loss. 

Gradual thinning of hairs across the top of the head

A common sign of hair loss is a loss of hair across the top of the head. In many men by the age of 35, almost 40% have a very noticeable hair loss. This number reaches 65% hair loss by the age of 60 years. Women also suffer from hair loss problem. At least 50% of women have critical hair loss issues. 

Thinning on the top of the head is the first sign of male or female pattern baldness and is quite common. Pattern baldness in males gradually forms an M shape hairline due to receding hairline, over a few years. The next step is called horseshoe, in which the hair lining at the crown of the head becomes extremely thin, and the scalp is visible. A U shaped patch appears when viewed from above. 

Women the hair loss is generally widespread all over the head. The overall thinning of hairline occurs and is more prevalent along the scalp line, making it visible. 

The reason of male and female pattern baldness is genetic makeup. Although the signs of pattern baldness are disappointing and stressful, its treatments are available with high success rate. 

Development of Circular Patches or Bald Spots

A common symptom is the development of bald patches on the head. It is such an aggressive form of hair loss that it seems as if patches have developed overnight. While in actual, it takes a few weeks to produce this symptom. 

Condition is known as Alopecia Areata. The size of patches due to alopecia areata is as small as a five pence coin but can grow depending on the severity of the condition. 

Areata is an autoimmune disorder and affects one in every five people. This disorder can equally affect both genders. The disease causes the autoimmune system to work against hair follicles, considering them a foreign particle. This attack damages the ability of growth of the hairs. 

Good news is that this disorder is not permanent in all cases. In most cases, it is temporary except for just 10% cases. Alopecia areata triggers due to infection, virus and side effects of some medicines. 

This problem does not have a proper treatment, but low-level laser therapy can reduce the symptoms and help to regrow the lost hairs. 

Too much-fallen hair in the shower and on the brush

It ever happens that you have noticed more than usual hairs on your hairbrush or more hairs coming to your hands during the shower. It is an early indicator that you are going to lose your hairs. If you are one with such a situation, then keep a close eye on your hair fall. It is worth finding out that there is something which is not right. 

Now it is mandatory to consult a health professional and seek help. A plan to cope with this situation is the only solution to this growing hair fall. 

Unusual Hair loss in body areas other than Head

Hair loss from your head is noticeable, but at the same time, hair loss of body parts is not noticeable. It will only be evident if a drastic change appears. The hair loss of body parts can be a result of autoimmune disorder, thyroid problem, chemotherapy or other underlying disorders. 

Hair loss observed on the legs, arms, eyebrows, chest, abdominal area, facial hairs etc. If you find any hair thinning or hair loss on your body parts, it is better to consult a doctor to confirm that it is not an underlying critical health issue.

Your scalp is becoming scaly or getting more visible

A scalp, which is getting visible due to extreme hair loss or flaky and itchy scalp is a sign that you are suffering from a dermatological problem. However, the result is again hair loss even if its inflammation or other dermatological problem. There must be several reasons behind this inflammation of the scalp. The most common reasons are usually Psoriasis and dermatitis. The hair loss may be a symptom or a reaction to the treatments used for the care of these problems. 

Itching on the scalp causes the breaking and weakens the roots of the hairs. Even the creams, shampoos and lotions are not friendly for the hairs and cause damage to follicles and the shaft of the hair. 

Hair thinning or alopecia also causes distress and low self-confidence. Hairs have a direct role in a person’s physical appearance, especially in women. Hairs are a sign of beauty and attractiveness in women. However, men consider beautiful hairs as a sign of youth and vigour. Both the genders find the thought of hair loss challenging to bear even after having a family history of baldness. 

Therefore, hair loss is a complex psychological issue in both genders. The suffering people experience a lot of pressure, reduced sense of satisfaction regarding their appearance. Therefore, the problem needs a discussion and a solution to minimize the damages.



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