3 Ways CarePay+ Can Help Patients Get the Care They Need

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The cost of dental care and loss of dental insurance are having a considerable impact on patients’ decisions about their oral care. This poses a significant financial barrier for patients to receive the care they need at the time they need it. According to a study by the CareQuest Institute for Oral Health in 2022, 43% of American adults claim they avoid dental care because of the cost. In the same year, 38% of American adults lost their dental insurance due to a job loss or change in benefits related to Covid-19. Patterson CarePay+, an all-in-one technology platform powered by WellFit for patient financing, dental plans, and payment processing, allows patients to say ‘Yes’ to healthier smiles regardless of their credit score while maximizing practice revenue.
How CarePay+ Can Help Break Down Financial Barriers for Patients

1. Patient Financing

As the healthcare industry is constantly evolving, so is the way patients pay for it. The CarePay+ Patient Financing solution allows your practice to help more patients get the care they need when they need it. The entire process is lightning fast and patient-led, giving your patients complete ownership to choose from multiple financing options that best fit their unique needs. Every patient gets an instantaneous responsewithout having to share their personal financial information with the practice. With the option of monthly payments, patients can gradually pay off the cost of treatments.
“Financing MarketPlace streamlines financing and gives more autonomy to our patients to make an informed decision.” – Cristy, New Mexico
2. Dental Plans
Do you have patients who are uninsured, or patients who are struggling to pay for treatment? CarePay+ Dental Plans are a great option that your practice can offer to help patients and their families get the dental care they need at a transparent price, as determined by your practice. Not only can patients get discounts on preventative care like regular cleanings, exams, x-rays, crowns, root canals, and other procedures, but they can receive real-time chair-side approvals with zero waiting periods. Dental plans can provide tremendous value to both your practice and your patients. Your patients can easily accept treatment while boosting your practice revenue by getting paid within 24 hours and increasing patient retention as patients are more likely to return for further care.
“The team really enjoys offering Dental Plans to patients who do not have dental insurance. We are very excited to explain the ins and outs of this discount plan to patients, and we walk patients through the process of how to get the most out of the plan choices. Our patients love the plans. Our patients say that the value of the discount plan is priceless, and is a heaven-sent solution to their dental situation. The cost is easily one of the best values that they have seen in years.” – Kasia, Texas
3. Payment Processing
As the world is quickly moving towards becoming a cashless society, dental practices find themselves forced to align with the rapid adoption of digital and contactless payment methods. These touchless payment methods can increase case acceptance and practice revenue by providing the best payment experience for patients to pay for the dental care. From card processing to touchless payments, CarePay+ Payment Processing solution fully integrates with Eaglesoft so that there is no manual entry and reconciliation needed on your part, while reducing data-entry errors and extra administrative work. What this means for your practice is giving patients the freedom to pay in various ways after their visit (credit, debit, chip cards, digital wallets, HAS, FSA, ACH, AR codes, text payments) and allowing you to spend more time focusing on your patients.
“This payment processing is fully integrated into our Practice Management software, and has greatly cut time in administration work and reduced errors for our practice.  We just love this solution!” – Logan W, California
Ready to let CarePay+ unlock your revenue potential, increase case acceptance rates, and boost operational efficiency? Visit our website to learn more.

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